Wood Blinds

SmartPrivacy® Normandy®


  Made from 100% real hardwood harvested from eco-friendly forest operations. For Normandy® Wood Blinds, we utilize the same premium hardwood found in Normandy® Wood Shutters, which are meant to last a lifetime. Selected for its distinctive grain, resilience, and sustainable characteristics, not only are Normandy® Wood Blinds eco-friendly and have quality-built. They offer the most luxury options, top treatments, and colors we have available for blinds. 

Sonoran Real Wood Blinds



  • 2” basswood
  • Trapezoid bottom rail
  • Steel headrail
  • Magnetic valance clips
  • Paint or stain options; cloth tapes available
  • Tile cut-outs
  • Cord or wand tilt
  • Multiple blinds on one headrail
  • Privacy with no route holes
  • Motorization available
  • Cordless
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty